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Responsible Contracting

MCA Detroit contractors support the Michigan Association for Responsible Contracting (MARC).  They believe that school districts need to be aware of the elements of responsible contracting before awarding their bids, so they don’t find later they were too late in getting a job well done.

While the MARC encourages contractors and communities to adopt a policy of responsible contracting for school construction, MCA Detroit contractors say responsible contracting should apply to all construction. Responsible contracting is not about taking the lowest bid. It is, however, about taking the lowest “responsible bid”.

A Responsible Contractor Policy is a set of enforceable qualifications adopted by the building owner and incorporated into the job’s construction bid specifications.  Once adopted and generated into the bid documents, these important qualifications let bidders know that the owner wants competent and qualified construction firms and personnel to build and/or renovate his/her buildings.

These important qualifications reassure the owner that other quality contracting factors, in addition to price, will be considered when construction bids are reviewed.

Having a Responsible Contractor Policy in place and included in the bid specifications enables the owner to put all bidders on notice that additional factors other than lowest price will be considered when bids are reviewed to ensure the selection of qualified construction professionals to build and renovate structures.

Owners that adopt a Responsible Contractor Policy are assured of quality construction at the lowest possible cost.

SEE A Checklist of Critical Factors to Incorporate Into a Responsible Contractor Policy.


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