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Labor Update Summary - (effdt-6/4/2018)
Journeyperson - (effdt-6/4/2018)
New Service Journeyperson - (effdt-6/4/2018)
Graduate Service Journeyperson - (effdt-6/4/2018)
Apprentice - (effdt-6/4/2018)
Pre-Apprentice - (effdt-6/4/2018)
Mechanical Equipment Serviceperson - (effdt-6/4/2018)
Mechanical Equipment Tradesperson - (effdt-6/4/2018)
Mechanical Equipment Tradesperson - (effdt-11/5/2018)
Working Principal - (effdt-6/4/2018)

Pipefitter Wage Package - (effdt-6/4/2018)

Pipefitter Wage Package
(all of the above) - (effdt-11/5/2018)

Wage Reduction Notice (Limits and Election Form) posted 10/29/2018 for Employer/Employee Use Only

Please read this notice from BeneSys

- (effdt-6/4/2018)
New Service Journeyperson - (effdt-6/4/2018)
Graduate Service Journeyperson I, II, III - - (effdt-6/4/2018)
Apprentice - (effdt-6/4/2018)
Pre-Apprentice - (effdt-6/4/2018)
MES - (effdt-6/4/2018)
MET - (effdt-6/4/2018)
MET - (effdt_11/5/2018)
Working Principal - (effdt-6/4/2018)

Pipefitter Fringe Package
(all of the above) - (effdt-6/4/2018)

Pipefitter Fringe Package
(all of the above) - (effdt-11/5/2018)


Standard for Excellence
Download document here.

Dismissal Form (online filing now available)

[Please only use this form and only this form when the
employee is Not Eligible for Rehire]

file online or download form

Note: If filing online and using an Apple device, using the free
Adobe Reader app may allow the user to fill and submit this form electronically. If not please download the document to fill and send to appropriate emails listed on the form.

Contractor Apprenticeship Reimbursement

Reimbursement Rates/School Day
Apprenticeship Reimbursement Form

Approved for use by the Pipefitter JAC

NEW: Online Apprentice Evaluation Form here.  

Contract Language

Contract effective: June 6, 2016 - May 31, 2022



UA / MSCA National Service & Maintenance Agreement
Contract effective: August 1, 2015 - July 31, 2020

Schedule A addenda to UA / MSCA National Service & Maintenance Agreement

Contract effective: August 1, 2015 - July 31, 2020


In a March 2010 ruling, the National Labor Relations Board defined solicitation rules to be implemented at Pipefitter Local 636 when working with member contractors of the Mechanical Contractors Association of Detroit. Contractors who are not members of the Association are not affected by this ruling.

Member employers have the right to solicit unemployed pipefitters by name. In their Notice to Employees, the NLRB states, “We (Local 636) will advise members in writing that we will no longer give effect to any rule prohibiting our members from soliciting work from Association contactors without our consent, and prohibiting Association members from requesting specific individuals to be referred for employment.” Also stated, “We (Local 636) will not deny the requests of the employer members of the Mechanical Contractors Association of Detroit (the Association) for specific individuals to be referred for employment.”

This ruling applies to all journeymen pipefitters, apprentices, pre-apprentices, mechanical equipment servicemen (MES), mechanical equipment tradesmen (MET), and metal tradesmen (MT) employed by employer-members of the Mechanical Contractors Association of Detroit.

Recommendations for Solicitation Implementation


To insure that your prospective member is unemployed and available to work, make contact with him and ask if he would like to come to work for you. It’s probably a good idea to assure the member that you will request him fro m the Union and that he can expect to be contacted by the Union to be dispatched to your job


It is better to fax rather than call the Union with your request for manpower by name. The fax provides a written record, minimizes the chance for misunderstanding and if copied to me, allows me to help resolve any misunderstandings with minimal participation by you.


If your request is not answered satisfactorily, contact Carl Evans or Chris Freeman by e-mail explaining the situation and we will take it from there.

View the full text of the Notice to Employees.

Please note that the Association continues to consider the Union’s Out of Work List a valuable tool. This list tracks skill and certifications so that when we do not have someone specifically in mind we can use that list to hire.

One clear benefit of this ruling is that now employers who call for a specific employee will be perceived as the true employer, establishing a good employer/employee relationship early. This will satisfy the customer’s demand for quality and productivity.
Posted: 5-3-10

For those who received the wage update from Local 636, please be aware that the “suggested” supervision wages ARE NOT part of our Collective Bargaining Agreement. Please note that all Labor Updates listed on this site, have both Labor and Employer signatures on them and contain ALL the rates which Employers are obligated to pay.

Please notify our office if you receive pressure in any form to pay the “suggested” supervision rates.
Posted: 6-10-2014
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